Why YOU should Vote By Mail (VBM)

While the COVID-19 Emergency may have ended, there remain important reasons for YOU to vote by mail.

  1. Voting by mail means you are more likely to vote. In some states, the differences in percentages of people who VBM compared to those who vote at the polls is over 20%.
  2. Voting by mail is the safest way to ensure that your vote is counted. You can track your ballot through the submission process, with the county notifying reporting agencies when your ballot has been received. Additionally, if you make an error on the submission form, Somerset County will contact you so you can make corrections before Election Day.
  3. Voting by mail gives you the opportunity to thoroughly vet each candidate running for township committee and our local public-school board. This year, the VBM ballots will be mailed on September 23, to those voters who are registered to VBM.
  4. Voting by mail means if life gets too busy—you must travel for work on Election Day, you or a family member becomes ill, childcare falls through, etc.—you have already submitted your ballot. Voting by mail gives you scheduling flexibility in an increasingly inflexible world.
  5. Voting by mail keeps you safe if you have pre-existing health conditions that put you at-risk for “adverse outcomes” if you contract COVID-19, RSV, flu, or another viral or bacterial infection. VBM means you can protect your health by voting at home.

The Montgomery Township Democratic Organization strongly encourages ALL Democrats to Vote By Mail. It is easy, secure, and the best way to ensure that your voice will always count.

Vote by mail application (English)

Vote by mail application (en Español)